USA Mountain Bike Pro Racer, Jeff Hall

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bluff Riders Charge / Minnesota Mountain bike Racing

The start of the mud bath @ 9:00am, with rain all night. Jeff and Owen lined up and headed up the hill into the woods. Jeff raced the marathon and Owen raced the kids comp.
 Owen rocked the course in 35 minutes and a 4th place, he was on his rigid Salsa running a set of knobbied 1.85 tires. He said it was fun and he stayed upright the whole race.

 The young guns slayed the mud course and cleaned up for the awards. 
 Hangn' with the youngster is a good time, wearing a few of my items, hat and vest watching for his dad.
 Jeff coming out of the woods after the rain stopped, the clay, mud was thick. At the beginning of the race with the rain, the trail was in good condition with the wet conditions. Lap times were about 20 minutes, 3rd lap was about 30 minutes and the 4th lap was about 40 minutes. Got a bit thicker and sticker as it dried out. Then with a brief rain shower, the trails improved and the laptimes dropped to about 30 minutes, then once again slowed as the mud thickened. Jeff and Heath were together on the last 2 laps. Heath edged Jeff by about a minute. was a mudder this day.

 The race tent camp. Nice to have a roof over your head in this weather.