USA Mountain Bike Pro Racer, Jeff Hall

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SALSA CYCLES, Jeff Hall @ Snowmass, Colorado, USA / NMBS Finals (8/11/07)

No air travel on this one, good old fashion road trip, 2400 miles, less than 4 days, round trip.

Minneapolis to Denver. Best Western in Denver, on to Snowmass the next morning. Within 26 hours we go from 900 ft. above sea level to 9900 ft.. You say that is a 9000 ft. difference, eh. The trip itself is like an adventure race.

Pay attention grasshopper. You must sleep and stay at 5000 ft. or below when you are not acclimated. Go up, register and pre-ride the course, then get down fast!! Back to 5000 ft. or lower. You will not go back up to altitude till 2.5 hours before the start of your race...the next day. Jeff earned a 8th place finish on race day. I believe they climbed to over 10,000 ft. during the race. Jeff had a high speed get-off on the final decent, over the bars at warp speed. His pedal clipped a rock. He had to run back up the trail and pick-up his Salsa bike out of the weeds. Didn't lose any places.

Next stop Glenwood Springs, CO.
Pre-race ride.
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Adam Craig
U23 National Champ: Sam Jurekovic
If those crank arms could talk, the experiences they have had this season.
This is the last major race Jeff raced in for the 2007 Mountain Bike Season.


Jeff, in his last 4 major races in the USA, finished: 10th at Park City,UT: 9th Mt. Snow, VT: 11th Sugar Mt., NC: 8th Snowmass, CO. Solid...

3 races in California, 1 in Utah, 1 in Colorado, 1 in Vermont, 1 in North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, 2 races in Quebec, Canada, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Germany and 2 in Austria.

This is a huge project and it would not have been possible without the backing of many individuals, and groups. I can not even come close to thanking everyone who contributed even as much as the $5 .00 to buy a tire bracelet. I am speaking equally for Jeff and I to: Thank each and every one of you. Jeff and I took great pride to represent the USA at the International World Cup Races. He wore the SALSA Logo and raced the Salsa bikes, It gave him an identity within the highest level of pro mountain bike racers in the world. Can you say "adversity". I told Jeff before the Belgium trip that this is such an undertaking, that we should look at this as a Big Adventure and enjoy the experience. Jeff has been a pro mountain bike racer since 1995, he has been on the USA National Team 2 times. This season would test his skills and grit like never before. Well gang, he went out and turned some heads out there in this Big Adventure.

And for my 2 cents. My job in this scheme is to add support. My title is Team manager, bike mechanic, driver, travel agent and tactician. I enjoy my tasks, the challenges.

Jeff is the Racer.

We don't have any regrets on the results of this season, Jeff and I maximized the resources at hand. The hardest part of the season was having to forgo Jeff's chance to race at the World Championships in Scotland. That is the reality of life. Jeff puts his family first. We had an agreement that there would be no holding back. When the funds were gone, we pull the plug. When Jeff raced at Snowmass we were running on fumes. He kicked ass, beat everyone he had to.

We are still waiting on word of the Olympic Long Team Selection. It should be very soon.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SALSA CYCLES, Jeff Hall @ Sugar Mountain, NC, USA / NMBS #5 (7/28/2007)

The start of the Pro Men XC, at Sugar Mountain. It was a clean start, but within 30 seconds it was the beginning of a MUD fest. And yes, you "mountain bikers" that fear the DIRT on the tires, you need not apply. There was even a few ruts in the MUD. Jeff finished 11th and gained a few more UCI points (8pts.). Jeff and his Salsa Bike displaced a hell of alot of MUD the last 2 weeks, both in Vermont and here at North Carolina. It kept me busy making sure the bikes were running smooth. If you have ridden or raced on the East Coast, you know what we are talking about with the MUD!!
It was so good to see all the Midwest gang at Vermont at the National Championships the week before. Jay Richards, Pro racer, promoter, Dad manager of his gang of sons, the dude just does it all. Heck, I even raced against him in the old days... was one of many representing our region. I almost forgot, he also spends some time around the Resort back home.

Sugar Mountain, NC
Jeff Hall
Adam Craig
Geoff Kabush & Adam Craig
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Jeremiah Bishop
Salsa Cycles #9 USA

This is Jeff's Winter Commuter bike this Winter, with 1 vehicle in the family he's riding rain, snow it doesn't matter, the bike has to work...this bike has been through more in 8 months than most riders will ever put their bikes through in 8 years...!
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