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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SALSA CYCLES, Jeff Hall @ Sugar Mountain, NC, USA / NMBS #5 (7/28/2007)

The start of the Pro Men XC, at Sugar Mountain. It was a clean start, but within 30 seconds it was the beginning of a MUD fest. And yes, you "mountain bikers" that fear the DIRT on the tires, you need not apply. There was even a few ruts in the MUD. Jeff finished 11th and gained a few more UCI points (8pts.). Jeff and his Salsa Bike displaced a hell of alot of MUD the last 2 weeks, both in Vermont and here at North Carolina. It kept me busy making sure the bikes were running smooth. If you have ridden or raced on the East Coast, you know what we are talking about with the MUD!!
It was so good to see all the Midwest gang at Vermont at the National Championships the week before. Jay Richards, Pro racer, promoter, Dad manager of his gang of sons, the dude just does it all. Heck, I even raced against him in the old days... was one of many representing our region. I almost forgot, he also spends some time around the Resort back home.

Sugar Mountain, NC
Jeff Hall
Adam Craig
Geoff Kabush & Adam Craig
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Jeremiah Bishop
Salsa Cycles #9 USA

This is Jeff's Winter Commuter bike this Winter, with 1 vehicle in the family he's riding rain, snow it doesn't matter, the bike has to work...this bike has been through more in 8 months than most riders will ever put their bikes through in 8 years...!
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