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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival 2008 in Pictures

1 Hour till blast off.
Warp speed on the pavement. The turn to Rosies Field. The front pack. Check out Tilford on the right and the Eppen tandem in the blue.
Mile 11, still a large group, maybe 18 riders. Jeff is on far left just coming into view, in the white.
00 Crossing, mile 16, getting ready to feed. Owen in the green. Owen rode with me in the truck helping with the water bottle hand ups.

Jeff all alone after Fire Tower Hill. Very important bottle hand up because of a dropped bottle earlier. I had a bottle and Owen was 100 yards past me with a back-up bottle in case I missed. Jeff got his bottle.
Jeff at 40 Miles, the finish. 2:08:13... 2nd place.

Jeff with Scott Hebel. Scott finished runner-up to Greg LeMond twice back in the early 90s at the Chequamegon.

Scott, Jeff and I were teammates on the Diamond Back Mountain Bike Race Team in the early 90s. It was great to see Scott, he was a dominant national rider in his race days. He was a great example for Jeff to follow as a jr. bike racer. We had awesome training rides together out of Summit Bike in Eagan, many "Stop Ahead" sign sprints.
Jeff with The Man... Gary Crandall and Steve Tilford after the race.
Don't look now top 40 dogs, Jeff and TJ Woodruff, you got the Short Fat Champ Jake Richards lookin over your shoulders.

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