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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SALSA CYCLES, JEFF HALL @ Asvo Osterreich Grand Prix: Austria Cup at Windhaag bei Perg, Austria: UCI Level 1 (6/3/07)


On the second weekend in Europe we find a race in Austria at the village of Windhaag bei Perg. It is a level E1 UCI race. Equal or above a USA National race. The race promoter is very pleased to have 2 Americans, Jeremiah Bishop, of Trek out of West Virginia is also registered. The race is loaded with top riders in the World Cup standings. For the womens race, the Chinese National Team shows up.

The race starts right in the middle of the Village. It drops into the local forest. The course is full of steep climbs and 2 vertical drops, one of which is between 2 huge boulders with a tiny opening. Very challenging!! Jeff had a good race with a 7th place finish. Jeremiah takes 3rd. Christoph Soukup of Austria wins. In the womens race a member of the Chinese Team wins. The award ceremony was very impressive, the whole village was there, including the Mayor.

A neat fact about the course was that it circled around an old castle in the forest. The castle was built in the 1200's. We went back up during the week after the race and Jeff used the course for training and I did some trail running.

The racing at this point is going very well, with Jeff picking up another 16 UCI points in Windhaag. That gives him 49 points in the last 3 races! He was moving up in the world.


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