USA Mountain Bike Pro Racer, Jeff Hall

Monday, November 12, 2007

SALSA CYCLES, Jeff Hall @ Offenburg, Germany: World Cup #2 (5/27/07)

TEAM SALSA: Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Jeff Hall & Team Manager/Driver/Wrench/Travel Coordinator/Language Uninterpreter, Mike Hall. Spreckin sie English any-one, eh?

The plan: Fly into Zurich, Switzerland, drive into Germany. Race at Offenburg, the World Cup. Find a race somewhere in Europe on the 2nd week-end, to pickup UCI points, then race the World Cup at Champery, Switzerland. Come home, simple eh?

Raced at Offenburg in a total mud fest. Had a top 95 finish. This is good. Thousands of spectators braving the rain and mud. Bleachers full of fans in the middle of the woods eating brats and drinking beer in a pouring rain. Yelling as the racers slide, slip, sprint and ride by in the gumbo mud. The fans have a passion, there is no doubt. Biking in Europe is a true sport.


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