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Thursday, March 13, 2008

2007... round the world

Mount Snow, Vermont USA: USA National Championships
Spirit Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota USA
Phoenix, Arizona USA
Monterey, California USA
Los Olivios, California USA
Houffalize, Belgium
Offenburg, Germany
Mount Saint Anne, Quebec, Canada
Banner Elk, North Carolina USA
Brand-Laaben, Austria
Brand-Laaben, Austria
Windhaag bei Perg, Austria
Park City, Utah USA
Snowmass Village, Colorado USA

The results of the Olympic Long Team... I was not chosen.

USA Cycling made the decision to field a 6 man team, instead of the full 8 man Team. So I will never know if I would have filled one of the final 2 slots.

It was a long and rewarding season. Much preparation, with training and money. With more support than I could believe. Team SALSA / HALLN was for sure an underdog. I feel we rode this dream as hard as we could. There was nothing left by September, 07. Norm and I drove to the Finals in Snowmass, Colorado, to save a thousand dollars. Things ended up tight.

Once again, THANKS! To everyone who was a part of the effort.

J Hall

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