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Thursday, March 20, 2008

SALSA Cycles / Moto Rapido 26" vs Mamasita 29"

Another MTB season, new challenges. Different outlook.

One day Classics, some point to point, Chequamegon 40, Ore to Shore, Iceman. The USA National Championships. Other, large regional type mountain bike races. Maplelag is one. The schedule isn't set. Any venue ideas are welcome.

Another is bike choices. Traditional 26" Moto Rapido or new hot rod Mamasita 29". Moto Rapido is for sure, just thinking of two different choices on varying terrain. Should be very similar weight. Same frame concept. Are the 29" wheels going to be an advantage on the high speed rolling point to point format? Or is someone my size, not going to realize the difference?

These are some of the ideas about the upcoming season. Any feedback is good.

Snow commute in the morning. Might be 3 - 6" fresh.

J Hall

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